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    Western Educational Supporting Activity

    Publisher:Qumun   Release Time:2016-08-07   Browse Number:7479


    Location: Qingpu XiaYang Lake Royal Crowne Hotel

    Activity: Western Educational Supporting Activity

    If love and dedication can see, it must look like flame bright color. The vigorously warm comes out of love can make spring perpetual. On August 6 in the morning, Shanghai Qumun furniture co., LTD And Shanghai Cihui public foundation interpretated love and dedication in practical action, brought society the warm love in this hot summer.

    Group photo - unstoppable

    The yong Qumun who are thinking about the subject...

    GOGOGO!!! Start walking!

    Occupy the checkpoint.

    Qingpu museum interior...

    Come up with the right answer and get the coins.

    The Closing Ceremony of Charity Party, childrens lively performance and teacher pure song...

    Award certificates

    The Western Educational Supporting Activity was ended successfully in Xiayang Lake! Charity will never stop! Qumun is still on the way!

    Time: Morning, 2016-8-6 Location: Xiayang Lake Crowne Hotel Activity: Xiayang Lake 5km walking race

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