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    The 38th Shanghai International Furniture Fair

    Publisher:Qumun   Release Time:2016-09-12   Browse Number:9561

    The 38th Shanghai Hongqiao Furniture Fair was held in Shanghai Hongqiao Exhibition Center from September 7 to 10 2016, covering an area of 400000 square meters. Under the expectations of audience, Qumun exhibition was conducted smoothly in the 6.2 C21 booth. Guangzhou Furniture Association leadership, Chinese and foreign guests of Qumun and other friends attended the fair.

    (Exterior Visiting)

    The booth was designed based on the Show office, carefully build six business exhibition space-six themes exhibition hall. Demonstrate space attribute through six colors, red, yellow, pink, blue, green and gray. To endow space with warm, fashion, composed, resolute and quiet feelings and soul. No matter what kind of space you need, the creative space, SOHO, brief, business or classic, Qumun is able to create the best business space for you.

    SHOW SPACE: favorite colorful style

    SOHO SPACE:subversion of office icy cold is your best choice

    SOHO SPACE:tired of office icy cold, looking forward to relaxed home feeling

    ELEGANCE SPACE:nothing is forever, but there is no doubt for the classic

    HEALTHY BUSINESS SPACE:combine technology with health demand in the ideal space

    STORAGE SPACE:new ideas of storage space

    Six theme exhibition halls, beautiful space and product solutions attracted a lot of new and old customers. Customers came and went in an endless stream, Qumun staff eagerly explained product design characteristics for customers, that had got much attention and recognition from visitors and buyers.

    For the four-day exhibition, Qumun won much praise from audience for its perfect space deduction and delicate product quality. Thank you again for all your attention and recognition! Please continue to focus on Qumun, we will bring you more beautiful space and products solutions.

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