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    Inner Mongolia Agricultural University facilities visited Qumun

    Publisher:Qumun   Release Time:2016-09-13   Browse Number:9100

    View Exchanges and Communication in Multi-function Hall

      At 10 AM September 12, the facilities of Inner Mongolia Agricultural University arrived at Qumun headquarters. First, the General Manager assistant Ye Jiong on behalf of the Qumun, expressed warm welcome to their visiting. After that, the Technology Director Mr Zhang had a brief introduction respectively to the development, business scope and culture of Qumun.

    Visiting of workshop assembly line and equipment

    Thr gour company representatives carried on detailed explanation on plates, solid wood, paint, hardware and finished products. Neat and clean production environment, serious and professional processing personnel, orderly sample room, skillful and familiar mechanical operation, all these have fully demonstrated Qumun rigorous and lively mental outlook.

    Visiting of office and hotel exhibition hall

      After visiting the workshop, all of them came to the showroom. Our staff introduced the office and hotel products in simple words. Students also listened and observed carefully, put forward questions sometime. Students stated that they had learned a lot through introducers patient and detailed explaination.

    Group Photo

      After the visiting, the technical director Mr Zhang, General Manager Assistant Ye Jiong, university facilities and the four kind introducers had a group photo. Through this exchange and visiting, students know more about Qumun, also have a deep impression on Qumun profound and excellent enterprise culture.

    At last, it is the time to say goodbye. We have extablished profound affection with the teachers and students in the past a few hours. We hope all of them can realize their value of life and make contributions to the society. At the same time, looking forward to your next visiting!

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