Qumun new products release conference

Publisher:Qumun   Release Time:2016-01-10   Browse Number:4327

At the beginning of the New Year, Qumun carried out a stunning visual feast out of the ordinary when other companies conducted annual summary.

New product is not only about new appearance or the flashy function accumulation. Taking a clear theme, Qumun new product development pays more attention to performance ratio and standardization. Meet the customized needs of customers through standard parts. The seriation of sets, standardization of parts, the generalization of structure, the innovation of appearance and the customization of functions are the principles and directions we continue to stick to.

On one hand, adopting livable office concept, the new products are of comfort, sensibility and charm. On the other hand, adopt Nordic design, so as to be full of science, technology, power and dignity, and MAGIC, F.L., Kaiyuan, new Andrew, etc. It is no wonder that all attendants speak highly of this conference.

The first quarter new products release conference was ended successfully, specially thanks to the hard work of research and development, Marketing Department, we are able to enjoy this incredible feast, are full of hope and expectation to the second quarter!

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