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    Christmas training

    Publisher:Qumun   Release Time:2016-12-26   Browse Number:6514

    In December 24th, for a period of two months of "new qumer business elite winter training" perfect ending. On the day of Christmas Eve, morning activities for business training exam, the afternoon for the Christmas Carnival party.

    Confucius said: you can be a teacher.

    The first part of the "knowledge review", the players show amazing memory, two square placards to answer, in the fierce PK, selected 16 elite athletes, very close to sixteen.

    Final ring

    Survival of the fittest in natural selection, survival of the fittest

    The second link to enter the elite tournament, 16 elite athletes were caught on the brutal elimination contest, in order to decide the quarter finals, semi-finals, finals last intense.

    In the finals, is no longer the basic knowledge of simple questions, more tricky problem head-on hit, after the incentive match, three outstanding players comprehensive quality talent shows itself.

    Morning business examination ended in a thrilling and lively interesting atmosphere, accompanied by a greedy pizza candy Carnival feast

    The opening activity for you "delimit" I guess link

    Qumun beautiful voice

    The end of the domestic business ended in a "T Taiwan garment show open up a fresh outlook" perfect, we are expecting 2017 business as well as Superman is life!

    The whole scene with Santa Claus

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