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    HOT: Guangzhou Design Week, We Are Coming

    Publisher:   Release Time:2020-05-24   Browse Number:745

    2019 Guangzhou Design Week, with the theme of "Fresh Freshmen", was grandly held at Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo and Nanfeng International Convention and Exhibition Center on December 5th-8th.4 days exhibition period, 6 major exhibition areas, 1000+ exhibitors, 120,000 + ㎡, 10+ special curations, the scale and content of the exhibition reached a new high; Gathered nearly 1,000 companies and institutions in more than 20 countries, including design, art, creativity, home furnishing, smart and advanced customization, suitable for private homes and new businesses.More than 120 events brought together more than 300 big designers from the world of design, cultural and creative, real estate, new business, art, fashion, artificial intelligence, life aesthetics to show, guiding the development direction of the design industry.

    Come to Guangzhou to see the exhibition

    Come to Guangzhou to see the exhibition

    December 5th-8th,2019 Guangzhou Design Week with the theme of "Fresh Freshmen"

    Time, country, industry, brand upgrade
    All from the "Fresh Freshmen" of the inherent model
    Meet the "Fresh Freshmen"
    Embrace the "Fresh Freshmen"

    Congratulations to the TWIST series developed by New Qumun for winning the 2019  COTTONTREE PRIZE

    2019 is the 14th year of the  COTTONTREE PRIZE - CHINA ORIGINAL PRODUCT DESIGN AWARDS  (abbreviation:  COTTONTREE PRIZE),The "Product Design Award", which is the origin of the COTTONTREE PRIZE, has also ushered in a substantial increase in the number of participating products this year, an increase of more than 30% from last year. It received 4,075 product registration applications from home and abroad, of which 2,963 were effectively evaluated.

    TWIST series products will be exhibited in the COTTONTREE PRIZE in the 2019 Guangzhou Design Week, and furniture enthusiasts are welcome to visit!

    COTTONTREE PRIZE·2019 Product Design Award

    TWIST Series

    Award-winning enterprise: Shanghai New Qumun Furniture Co.,Ltd

    Participating category: Office Furniture



    TWST series

    Like islands scattered upon the sea.

    flexible,free and private.

    the combination of dazzing and highly personalizsd appearance

    and intelligent and practical inner quality,

    create new experiences for modern

    and future office life.

    Exhibition time: December 5-8, 2019

    Exhibition address: Nanfeng International Convention and Exhibition Center, Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou

    Position number: A.12 HM05

    COTTONTREE PRIZE·2019 Product Design Award

    Evaluation committee

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